When your business depends on connectivity, performances and coverage are key factors. The Venn Office is capable of replacing and even surpass traditional fixed line connections with its 4 LTE connections merged by Speedfusion.


 There is no compromise with this product. All available networks are used simultaneously at their best and distributed across the multiple LAN ports and WiFi networks. It is sufficient to cover the needs of a full team in terms of performances and hardware. No need to install or configure additional elements, the Pepwave MAX HD4 will do the job.

This product can be used in the following situations:

  • National and international ships with extended needs (higher bandwidth, multiple people).
  • Construction sites in need for easy and flexible solution with high stability, speed and bandwidth
  • Media and video production companies in need of highly stable solution.
  • Events to have temporary Internet connection with extended needs.
  • Temporary Offices waiting for fixed line.