Did you ever experience…

Low reliable internet connections ?

  • Internet drops unexpectedly
  • VPN is broken
  • Unstable network
  • Yesterday you had internet, today you don’t

Low speed internet connections ?

  • Very weak mobile data signals
  • Slower speed when over mobile data limit
  • Slow DSL speed when in isolated places

High internet costs ?

  • Very expensive satellite
  • Cable installation can be costly on distinct places
  • Mobile data surcharges when over limit
  • Mobile data high roaming costs
  • Hidden administrative cost in managing different solutions and different providers
  • Hidden costs in missing decent internet connection
  • Overspend due to unsuitable contract terms

Long waiting times for installation ?

  • Up to 3 months before installation
  • Not suitable for quick deployments to start new site within 48h
  • Not suitable to ad-hoc activities such as events, pop-ups …


Our solutions

Venn’s technology is based on the latest innovations in terms of routing protocols and telecommunication technologies. Thanks to our partnership with Peplink and the support of their WAN bonding, we are capable of delivering new levels of services through high performances devices.


Client-server topology


Our routers are equipped with high-end LTE modems and redundant SIMslots. Depending on the service level you seek, Venn will use up to 4 modems in parallel to provide a top quality service. Each modem will establish a connection with the network operator providing the best signal among the 2 SIM cards at its disposal. These connections are also regularly checked for their quality and will be switched if necessary. When the connections are established, the traffic will be distributed on packet level through these connections and sent towards our servers for recombination.


This distribution of traffic across several interfaces is at the center of the resiliency and security provided by Venn. If any connection has a high drop margin or simply disconnects, the flow will not be interrupted but instantly rerouted towards the other interfaces still online. This process of connection evaluation and dynamic routing adaptation is running continuously to adapt to moving or difficult environments. After reassembly, the packets can be sent directly towards the Internet via a NATed IP address or peered towards your private servers.


The extension of the OSI layer with a multi-path approach is at the center of the improvements and quality brought by our services. Aggregated, the data flows become much stronger and more efficient.


http-tcp-ip VENN serveur
http serveur VENN


On top of the WAN aggregation capabilities, each router deployed by Venn comes with a set of best-in-class routing functionalities. They can support your network infrastructure and help you further reduce your investments on site. Our routers are IPsec compatible and will integrate easily in your current architecture.