“For emergency solutions, we call Venn”

Since its establishment in 1977, rental company Boels has succeeded in doubling its turnover every five years. Thanks to a well thought strategy, including a fast international expansion. A good support for internet and telephony plays a major role in this success story. “Venn Telecom offers the best solutions for emergency situations, both in Holland and abroad”, says Robert de Ridder, Telecom manager at Boels Rental.

Boels Rental arose almost by coincidence. “After renovation works in his grocery shop, Pierre Boels hadsome equipment he didn’t use anymore. His friends came to  borrow the tools, and later the friends of those friends did the same. That went on for a while. Boels saw an opportunity, bought some extra machinery, hired an extra storage unit and the next step was his very own warehouse. Before he really
realized what was happening, he had laid the foundation of what is now the biggest rental company in Holland and Belgium”, says Robert de Ridder.

Over the next 40 years, Boels Rental experienced an enormous growth. Today, the company with headquarters in the Dutch city of Sittard has almost 400 branches in 11 different countries. In Holland, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Slovakia and Switzerland more than 3.500 people are working for Boels. The rental of machinery and equipment still is the core business, but Boels also has a division called ‘Party & events’ and a ‘OneCall’


Temporary 4G solutions

When a company is growing so fast, it sometimes meets urgent problems. “We often start up new branches. Once in a while, the fixed lines aren’t installed in a timely manner. Last summer, the Dutch telecom provider Tele2 told us about Venn Telecom, a company offering temporary 4G solutions.”

From the very first moment, De Ridder and his colleagues were charmed by the decisiveness and the effectiveness of the company based near Brussels. “We called them, explained the issue and the next day a Venn technician arrived in The Hague and he solved our problem. Recently, I had a similar situation in the Czech Republic. We needed two lines there with static IP addresses. So, I called Venn,
told them about our situation and not even 24 hours later we received a preconfigured router with those funny antennas on it. In such cases our IT service in Sittard checks whether it all works well and the same day we sent that router to our people in the Czech Republic. Now that’s what I call an excellent quality of service.”

Managed services

De Ridder noticed another important difference compared to other telecom companies. “At any moment we can monitor the Venn devices. If one of our branches reports a problem, I can check on my computer what might be going wrong. I can see whether there is a problem with the SIM card, or with
the router, whether we are well connected to the provider or the network, how much data traffic there is, … And if we can’t solve the problem by ourselves, we call Venn. With them you never end up with some unknowing helpdesk assistant. You always talk to someone who knows his business.”

Nothing but positive reports from Boels about Venn. “Absolutely. Of course, you might say a 4G solution is expensive, but I don’t agree with that. You must weigh all the arguments. For the price you pay, you get an all-encompassing service. The delay of the start-up of a new branch due to technical problems costs us a lot more money. If I’m facing a telecom problem, it has to be solved, it’s as easy as that. In such a case I ask for flexibility and speed. Venn Telecom has never disappointed me. So, if I need an emergency solution, I always call them.”