It’s our culture that makes the difference.

At Venn Telecom, we are dedicated to provide a high level of technological and human flexibility.

To create the best solutions, we directly negotiate access to all fixed or mobile networks in the operating countries. This removes the burden of individual projects and long term discussions between the end-user and several operators. This approach will also ensure the best coverage, performances and stability through several technologies individually or combined.

On top of these multiple access interfaces, we carefully select the most flexible and powerful solutions on the market from renowned manufacturers. Our hardware suppliers demonstrate above average results, an innovative approach to common industry challenges and a promising features roadmap. We get our satisfaction from perfectly designed and executed services. The customer satisfaction is our main KPI.

“For emergency solutions, we call Venn”



“The advantages of Venn? Flexibility and speed”



Venn solved three problems for us.
And we had to explain them only once