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04 Sep 2017
Temporary Solutions - Internet Everywhere


The stress of getting sufficient bandwidth for an event, the disastrous impact of a main office losing its fibre during 2 days, Venn Telecom understands these challenges and has a full set of emergency connectivity solutions that are plug and play and that can be deployed and solve your problems on the very same day. Due to the very different nature of each situation, our engineers will act quickly to understand your situation and deploy the appropriate response.


04 Sep 2017
Testimonials customers - Venn telecom


Connectivity between your field infrastructure and your systems can be difficult to achieve in industrial, international or moving environments. Venn Telecom uses its connectivity expertise to propose original, innovative solutions. From low speeds to broadband, our connections are stable, redundant and fully integrated to deliver the highest level of service. In a fully managed approach, your teams will have to take care of the processing, we will ensure a reliable interaction with your equipment. In Europe and other continents, we design solutions that will support you around the globe.

04 Sep 2017
Internet Everywhere - Managed Service provider


In a few years, connectivity with outer world has become an essential part of the business infrastructure. Nowadays, any shop falling offline will see its sales revenues impacted. Payment terminals, stock synchronization, customer scoring, fidelity card, security camera’s, all these improvements in the way retail is integrated with the main branch are also a source of weakness in case of internet failure. Real redundancy and fail-over are not easy to get from one network operator and it is difficult to combine several solutions. Venn Telecom designed an effortless fail-over solutions that can fit your network without impact on your systems and insures an effective reaction in case of incident. We detect, compensate and help solve any interruption of service that happens with your main provider. If your business cannot afford downtime and your current SLA has 4h recovery wait time, it is worth filling the gap and get a 100% connected solution.

04 Sep 2017
City Connectivity Venn


In an era of fast technology evolution and business flexibility, the old ways of MPLS are coming to an end. The communications between company infrastructures, departments or individuals can be optimised, taking into account each user experience they aim to deliver. It is no longer about laying oversized data pipes a randomly but about ensuring a fluid data flow across several platforms and locations through a service architecture. In this new model, basic internet access is a cost effective foundation stone that can be duplicated across multiple paths to optimise quality and resiliency. Venn Telecom embraces that model and develops services across multiple networks and technologies in order to achieve the highest performances in a scalable way. From a national multi-DSL deployment with optimized path to the cloud for traditional offices to an international intranet with local secured internet breakout, Venn Telecom will deliver the service and the SLA for your business.

28 Avr 2017
Transport Solution venn


Venn provides a wide set of services specific to transport such as using a remote desktop and doing FTP transfers from a TV truck, providing internet and VPN access to 60 workers on a ship, transmitting camera images from busses while supporting payments and guest wifi. All our solutions are delivered as a service with an easy to use approach, and include mobile data and monitoring tools. Venn Telecom can leverage on its partnerships with mobile operators to create the one solution that answers to your challenges.

28 Avr 2017
Construction solutions- Internet Everywhere


From highways to residential complexes, the construction industry must cover a wide range of landscapes and its IT must be as though as the construction machines. Venn Telecom is the ideal partner to deliver quickly a network connection between a site, the company headquarter and the rest of the world. With support engineers aware of the specific needs of the sector, Venn Telecom can help you simplify your processes for delivery and support. Whether using purely mobile, a combination of fixed and mobile or multiple aggregated lines, Venn Telecom always adapts to the local team and application needs. With references all over the country, Venn Telecom will become a key element in the success of your projects and the control of your planning.